Most large corporations have a mission of social responsibility, the businesses below support PEACEAnimals by contributing a portion of each sale for free spay/neuter clinics in Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding communities.  Thank you!


BEAST + BABE (click here) - creators of sensational handmade collars and leashes


"For every collar or leash purchased we are able to provide a dog or cat with medical treatment for worms, ticks, fleas and mange.


"We buy high quality recycled, vintage, organic, and/or fair-trade fabrics for each item we make and sell.  We support our local community by manufacturing all of our items in Los Angeles either ourselves or by independent seamstresses making fair wages.


"Our mission is to create something beautiful from the inside out.  To make our destination into a journey that leaves good vibes in our wake.  To communicate the magic that rests between subtle lines of a wild and tame, fire and reason, beasts and babes.  To grow with integrity and to make sweet magic happen through conscious and creative commerce."


-Kelsie Macray