New Angel in Puerto Vallarta: The Richard R. Reed Foundation

Gretchen DeWitt - PEACEAnimals
January 13, 2016


Since founding his private charity in 2015, the Richard R. Reed Foundation, Reed has been diligently researching charitable organizations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and his home state of Arizona.    

Each year, 15-20 grants of $10,000 each will be awarded in these two locations. The focus of Reed´s new foundation are small charities that benefit children and animals. These generous grants will make significant differences in meeting organizational expenses and/or funding special projects.  Future plans for the Richard R. Reed Foundation include scholarship awards for winning essays on the topics of research in science and reason.
One of the charities Richard selected as a recipient of a 160,000 peso grant is PEACEAnimals, a free mobile spay/neuter program operating primarily in the area of Puerto Vallarta. The mission of PEACEAnimals is to reduce the suffering of animals. The overpopulation of cats and dogs results in their starvation, disease, vehicular injuries, often resulting in death, abandonment, abuse and the decimation of wildlife. Operating approximately 36 surgery weeks (Wednesday-Saturday) a year, more than 4,000 cats and dogs are sterilized annually. Cost per surgery week is approximately $1,800 USD.

The Richard R. Reed Foundation grant of approximately $10,000 USD at the current peso/dollar exchange rate will result in the sterilization of approximately 550 cats and dogs, which makes a serious impact on the unwanted pet situation.

Other recipients of the 160,000 peso grants in Puerto Vallarta include:
Corazon de Niña, a shelter for girls and boys from the ages of two to twenty; LADRA, a rescued dog sanctuary and adoption center; Pasitos de Luz, a daily care for handicapped children; and Down Syndrome Kids Center (Asociación Down) that will help them continue to provide free programs for those children from poor families that cannot afford treatments to help these children lead healthy and productive lives.
In addition to his consuming work as director of the new Richard R. Reed Foundation, Reed is the very active CEO of ASF Payment Solutions, which he founded, and a very active member of the American Taekwondo Assocation, which he co-founded. Incidentally, Richard is the proud owner of his Black Belt status.
Serving as President of the Richard R. Reed Foundation is Richard´s daughter, Tamara Reed-Valdez.
For more information, visit the Richard R. Reed Foundation.
More photographs are available on the Richard R. Reed Foundation page on FaceBook.
For additional information on PEACEAnimals email or visitPEACEAnimals.


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Paulina Stettner, former director and vet tech for PEACEAnimals, has been working in Guadalajara for the past several months as director of Calle Cero.  This foundation supervises and facilitates communications and actions between government and non-profits, providing discounted supplies, human and financial resources, as well as veterinary training from experts from high-quality, high-volume spay/ neuter organizations.


The Azteca TV publicity launch ("Movimiento Azteca TV") for pet sterilization was made possible by the generous sponsorship of MARS/Pedigree, which pays for the production of the media campaign.


Pedigree has provided a team of consultants and is offering assistance with communications and has hired an agency to facilitate relationships with the government.


To watch two of the spay/neuter public service spots:


Calle Cero is receiving support from pharmaceutical companies and from the government.  A work agreement has been signed with the health departments of the state of Jalisco and the Federal District.  This partnership will allow Calle Cero to work in conservancy areas to protect the decimation of wildlife due to feral cats and dogs.  Agreements have also been signed with CONAMP (Comisión Nacional de Áreas Protegidas) and PROFEPA (Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente) Naciónal de Áreas Naturales Protegidas.  Other health departments will partner with Calle Cero to facilitate work in urban areas.

Paulina and her team have been meeting with senators in D.F. and with the governor of Jalisco.  


Calle Cero is working closely with the Mexican staff of HSI (Humane Society International), which will provide a certified expert surgeon to train local vets. HSI will be involved in the educational aspect of the spay/neuter campaigns, which will include a study the animal population in the areas where Calle Cero is involved.


The first sterilization campaign day will take place on August 31st in the disenfranchised outskirts of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. Dr. Claudia Edwards, program director of HSI, will present the education elements of the sterilization campaign, and to make the event fun for young people, Pedigree will supply a theatre group and puppet show.  Seventy vets will be operating, with an anticipated result of more than 600 surgeries in one day. 


The following campaign will be in D.F. on the Monumento a la Revolución.  The Department of Health will provide fifty 50 vets and 25 mobile surgery units, with the expectation that 2,500 animals will be spayed and neutered in six days.  Simultaneously, there will be a small clinic in Ciudad Juárez.


GOAL of first sterilization campaign is to raise 2.5 million pesos.  Funds raised will be via donations to Banco Azteca or by dialing a 1-900 number that will charge donation to the next month´s phone bill.  Azteca is a national network and offers Azteca US for Latinos in the southern states.


Calle Cero has US tax-deductible status through FOMAW (Friends of Mexican Animal Welfare) and also has Mexican donataria status.


Even more important than the number of sterilizations achieved at these campaigns is the increased awareness of the importance of responsible pet ownership. 



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