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Please let John Whitten, clinic coordinator, know when you can volunteer.  No experience necessary.  WhatsApp +52 322 111 9419.


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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and half day Saturday. Registration is between 7 and 7:30 in the morning. Surgeries start around 9 in the morning. Limited availability. First come, first served.  

To pick up pets - usually at 12 for cats and 1 for dogs, but it depends on how many animals there are and how many volunteers to help the team.

Do not give food or water after midnight the day before surgery.

Please bring dogs on leashes and cats in carriers or if you don't have them, boxes, bags or safe carriers.

Before surgery, your pet will be reassured and anesthetized.

Dogs and cats and female dogs and cats must be 8 weeks of age or older and in good health.

It is not possible to operate on cats or dogs up to 8 weeks after giving birth.

We operate on cats and dogs that are in heat.

It can be aborted.





After surgery, the animals will be treated for parasites, ticks, fleas and mange, if present. 

They will also be treated for infection and pain. 


They will receive a sterilization certificate with instructions on how to care for the pet after surgery. 

The most important thing is to keep the incision area clean and not remove the purple stain for 2 weeks. 

It is treatment for fleas and ticks.   

If there are questions, PEACEAnimals' phone number is on the certificate.

The cost for each clinic (3.5 days of surgeries) is $1,850 US (approx. $31,000 MXN)

Clinics need funds. Please consider donating.

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For information on veterinarians and shelters: "Resources" on the website.

Deberes Voluntarios 

Registrar mascotas

Ayudar en poner mascotas en haulas antes de cirugía.

Ayudar en controlar temperatura, respiración y latido después de cirugía.

Limpiar instrumentos de cirugía.






Ayudar en llevar las mascotas de la mesa de cirugía a la mesa de recuperación.   

Ayudar en regresar la mascota a su dueño.   

Dar certificados de esterilización a los dueños.   

Regalar libritos educacional para colorear a los niños.   

Regalar correas y collares, si tenemos, a los dueños que necesitan.

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