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In 2013, several animal advocates launched PEACEAnimals, a Mexican nonprofit (AC), sharing a work agreement with Pets for Life, a Mexican for‑profit (SC).

When PEACE Punta de Mita discontinued its free spay/neuter program, “Ayuda a los Animales” (“Help the Animals”) as part of PEACE Mexico, the foundation generously donated all their clinic equipment and supplies to PEACEAnimals.

Two vets from Ayuda a los Animales, Dr. Poli and Dr. Anthony, were hired. A few years later, our vet team grew with the addition of Dr. Pacheco and vet tech and education director, EMVZ Leslie Caratachea.

PEACEAnimals operates 44-46 clinic weeks annually, visiting thirty plus towns and neighborhoods, primarily in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas.

In 2021, PEACEAnimals sterilized 7,391 cats and dogs free of charge.

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